Quarter Three, 2018 – Digital Single Story

Judges Comments

FIRST PLACE We appreciated this entry’s artful approach to documentary photography and its thoughtful use of subtlety in both the images and the sequencing. The eye is fixed on a floating body in the first frame, which is replaced by a hovering cloud in the second while the textures drop to introduce the third photo. A nice mix of people and quiet moments renders the entry both cohesive and varied. SECOND PLACE The opening sequence sets a good pace and striking visuals make beautiful use of light which keeps this series consistent. Strong moments and characters immerse the viewer into another world while the variety of pictures, times of day, and mix of indoor/outdoor shots keeps the rhythm flowing. THIRD PLACE This entry benefited from a tight edit of compelling images. The narrative is cohesive and well-presented through a classic and clean edit.

Judges: Lydia Chebbine / US News & World Report, Brett Ziegler / US News & World Report, Avi Gupta / US News & World Report