Quarter Three, 2017 – Print Multiple Page

Judges Comments

1st Place - This edit offered strong photo heavy layouts with an interesting take on aerial photography. Would be interesting to see a bit of an explanation as to why they chose this approach or a written ode to the experience of seeing the world from above. 2nd Place - Strong photography representing an important and underrepresented topic. The edit tells a clear day in the life story of this child. Beautiful opener that works well around the large text overlay. Some of the smaller images on the first spread could benefit from some more real estate on the page. 3rd Place - Really interesting contrast between the photos on each spread, felt like each spread was carefully thought out with what images were going to be placed next to each other on the page. The redundant design of the pages does take away a bit of hierarchy or narrative, the end felt a bit abrupt. But very interesting images and creativity in the edit.

Judges: Kim Bubello/TIME, Josh Raab/TIME, Kara Milstein/TIME