Quarter Three, 2017 – Online Photo Gallery

Judges Comments

Only one entry was given for this category. Beautiful edit and thoughtful choices, the number of images and sequence was clean and deliberate. There is a clear visual and contextual connection between photographs, while also allowing each to stand on its own. Most of the photographs have very interesting compositions, and elements of surprise. There are a couple of photographs that are not as artful/thoughtful, but do lend a direct and descriptive explanation of the story. The opening photograph, once one reads the caption, is a beautiful illustration of the photographer's purpose, as read in the opening line. Although the photographer and text covered three locations, the photo-edit focused largely on just one, not illustrating the "visual dichotomy of urban destruction versus freshly painted vacation homes," so it would have been nice to point more directly to this dichotomy.

Judges: Kim Bubello/TIME, Josh Raab/TIME, Kara Milstein/TIME