Quarter Two, 2017 – Print Single Page

Judges Comments

First Place: We all loved this entry.  Kate: Love this concept of following the dress” and “it was well told visually. Brent: It’s super striking and brings me in. A hair too many photos with some options that should have run large. Lance: Well laid and nice range of visuals. I think there are too many images, but still a nice page. Second Place: Kate: This edit plays homage to the intensity of the LA riots, and is thoughtful on the multiple narratives that still surround their history. Brent: That image play in my book was great! Like you have only a few inches to work with inside of a column and you come back with that, I am buying you a beer. Lance: The stripping is an interesting idea that rarely works. Nice play with this one and use of the headline in between. Third Place: Brent: Nice usage of the space and for keeping it simple.  The photos definitely take this one and give a bit of added context to the piece in whole. Lance: The anchor image is really beautiful, I wish the second top photo was cropped just to make it feel a little different than the others. Nice flow of color.

Judges: Lance Booth/The New York Times, Kate Bubacz/Buzzfeed, Brent Lewis/The Undefeated