Quarter One – 2017 – Digital Single Story

Judges Comments

First Place - Incredible storytelling imagery! Every photo had a story within the story. Emotion… gut-wrenching. One judge- “Wish they had done more to draw me into the video….tease me to watch the video that included the powerful stills matched with compelling interviews” The video was fantastic, paced nicely. Second Place - Cohesive story fantastic presentation. Great details that really add, not take away. Beautifully shot, the light, the composition. Pictures make a point. A quiet story beautifully executed….felt very Missouri Workshop like. Third Place - Impactful images… thorough, eye-catching. Pictures make a point. Complex composition. The ballerina shot we would take out of this edit.

Judges: Mandi Wright/Detroit Free Press, Nancy Andrews/Independent Photographer, Annie O’Neill/Annie O’Neill Photography