Quarter 4 – Print Single Page

Judges Comments

The Record 1st Place “Edges of our seats” Headline connection to the photograph. Use of the powerful image to reflect the mood of the election was well displayed. The page design and picture choice helped organize the page and made a strong, single statement. The Record 2nd Place “Time to pay the Toll” Good use of an emotional image from a press conference and good organization of elements throughout the page. Editing an image packed with emotion instead of what could have been a standard press conference image helped tell the story. Jackson Hole News and Guide 3rd Place “Prayers for the Pets” What is the deal? No cats were in need of salvation? The judges liked the overall design but picture editing could have improved – images were all similar. If it is a blessing of the pets where is the actual blessing? Image repetition of Dogs brings the design down.

Judges: Tim Broekema/Western Kentucky University, James Kenney/Western Kentucky University, Jonathan Adams/Western Kentucky University