Quarter One – Digital Single Story

Judges Comments

1st Place - This project had the strongest set of images and strongest narrative arc. Every photo showed something new and gave a deeper connection to the subject. Well done. 2nd Place - : Photos were fun and creative. This entry made use of the flexibility of digital design – the layout and integration of text and photos helped move us along through the story. The same photos in a slideshow could have felt redundant. 3rd Place - Strong storytelling and this entry had some of the best moments. Depth was there but some photos lacked interesting composition. The traditional gallery view brought the story down. Overall comments - Many entries needed to be edited tighter. It was also hard to judge photos-of-the-week-type wire galleries (ie. galleries not tied to a theme) with single stories.

Judges: Christine Nguyen/North State Journal, Eamon Queeney/North State Journal, Madeline Gray/North State Journal, Kevin Martin/Freelance