Quarter One – Print Multiple Page

Judges Comments

1st place - This entry stood out because a mixture of fun moments and good composition were used to tell a story. The photography was strong and the design was clean. 2nd place - Good use of a variety of moments to tell this story. A couple of the photos were redundant but not enough to drag the story down. 3rd place - This package had a variety of composition and moments. Overall comments - Many of the entries needed to be edited tighter. It’s not about how many photos are used but which photos are used to move the story along. In a lot of cases, photos were redundant in subject matter or composition and didn’t need to be included. At the same time, it’s nice to see that there are still newspapers out there that give space to photo stories.

Judges: Christine T. Nguyen/North State Journal, Eamon Queeney/North State Journal, Madeline Gray/North State Journal