Quarter One – Print Single Page

Judges Comments

1st Place - This page stood out because of the strong photos and strong design. Both are simple, clean and to-the- point. Bold portraits are used creatively to reinforce the theme of the story. 2nd Place - When you find a great image, you get out of its way. And that’s exactly what happened here. It’s amazing to see a single image displayed across two entire pages nowadays and this photo deserves the play. 3rd place - Clean design, lovely photo and good use of type. Overall comments: The winning entries rose to the top because photography and design were strong. In some of the other entries, pages were over-designed, which took away from the photos. We also would have loved to see entries from more newspapers.

Judges: Christine T. Nguyen/North State Journal, Eamon Queeney/North State Journal, Madeline Gray/North State Journal