About: Quarterly TV/Video Contest

These members-only contests recognize outstanding work performed by television and online video photojournalists on a quarterly basis. They also serve to promote, encourage, and teach the highest levels of photojournalism and ethics.

The TV and Solo Video contests run parallel with one another. The SVC is open to NPPA members who are solo video journalists, “one-man bands”, backpack journalists or any other journalist who shoots, reports/writes, and edits video for a TV news model.

Each quarter, entering journalists must choose to enter only one of these contests – the one that best suits his or her talents and working environment.

There currently are no geographic divisions in the SVC – the contest draws on an international pool.  There are four categories: Deadline, General News, 48-Hour News Feature, and In Depth.  The entrant who accumulates the most points during the year is awarded the title “NPPA Solo Video Journalist of the Year”.

In contrast, the TVQCC has three geographic divisions, with two competitive “pools” within each division, and five categories. The divisions are East, Central and West – with a General Pool and a Top Station Pool for each. The categories are Spot News, General News, Deadline News, News Feature and In Depth.

At year’s end, there is both individual and staff recognition. The individuals in each of the six pools who accumulate the most points are honored as Regional Photographers of the Year. And, similarly, the top-earning stations in each Top Station pool earn the award of Top Station.